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So, the site looks a little different.  Right now, it doesn’t do that cool infinite scroll/waste-all-the-time thang.  Picture captions are under the pictures, which I guess is legit but doesn’t really read as easy as flying them next to the pictures.  I’m working on all that.  It’s all because I shifted from my home-brew theme to one from (Rebalance).  And I did that because a technical bugaboo in the theme I made was making it impossible for me to upload images.  The very technical explanation of the problem is that I kinda sorta maybe didn’t update my work for, like, 4 years.  And, like, I guess that’s not so good.

I tend to keep things for too long.  I finally replaced my beloved little red Tracker last year, because the battery died (omg, can I stereotype harder? *hairflip*) and it was difficult and oddly expensive to find a new battery for a ’99 tracker in 2017.  (I do have an excellent mechanic, btw.  I didn’t want to keep missing work because the car broke again, and also I really wanted air conditioning.)  So I went to buy a car, and they asked what I was looking for and I was like, “Gas mileage and air conditioning” and I got a little sass about what I could expect from “a vehicle from this century”.  Now I have a car that has AC and knows how to answer my phone, which is an amazing miracle of technology that I would never have considered wanting and I thought it was a little silly and darn it if it isn’t just the best thing since ever.

The keeping things too long problem also explains the state of my garage.  And the office.  And my favorite hoodie.  I’m working on it.  I’m working on the site, too.  I’m maybe even starting to work on me a little bit.  I miss writing.  I miss doing research and demos.  Fortunately, even though I was doing a lot of writing while I was teaching, I WAS taking pictures of things I was making.  So, now that I’ve got the tech sitch working for me again, this might be the year that I post more than 2 things.  Maybe.  It could happen!

Mad love to you all!

Em's Head

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