Project Amidala

I am working on this:

Queen Amidala's pre-senate grey cocoon-kimono costume.  Star Wars. yo!

Queen Amidala’s pre-senate grey cocoon-kimono costume. Star Wars. yo!

This is for Stephanie, a dear friend and favorite collaborator.  So far, we’ve done…

Tudor (2004)

Tudor (2004)

Pompadour (2007)

Pompadour (2007)

A Spanish Duena of a somewhat mythical costume era (2008)

A Spanish Duena of a somewhat mythical costume era back when I apparently didn’t fess up to non-historical shennanigans (2008)

...and Das Uber-Bustle (2011)

…and Das Uber-Bustle (2011)

This one is going to be a bit different.  Like, no corset?  No support skirt?  No pool noodles?  Dear gawd, I might make a costume out of mostly fabric.  Fortunately, there’s that headdress to satisfy my need for strange solutions.  ;)

We’re not going for an exact replica.  For example, we’re using silver dupioni instead of the warm grey/rose cross in the original.  I’m stoked, because this is probably the biggest proportion challenge I’ve ever gotten.  Thank goodness for the Padwan’s Guide and the amazing photography gathered from the FIDM Star Wars exhibit.

Also thank goodness for another dear friend, Laura of Rocking the Frock.  See, it’s important as a costumer to have friends who are good at costume-y things that you suck at.  I suck at enbroidery.  Laura rocks at it.  Those sleeves have a lot of embroidery.  :/  We’ve arranged a small trade of services.  (And I am so grateful that this post is officially named in her honor!)

I was unable to find the cording of my dreams for her to use, and I’m not sure I understood what she said about bead sizes well enough to be confident I’d be buying the right thing, so I’ve been making cording.

Oooooh, shiny object!

Oooooh, shiny object!

It’s easy enough – it’s just a crochet chain with glass pearls in.  Pre-thread a few hundred pearls, chain 14 stitches, pull a pearl into the next stitch, repeat.  It’s oddly relaxing.

I don't know what size this hook actually is.  Size ridonkulous?  Seriously.

I don’t know what size this hook actually is. Size ridonkulous? Seriously.

It’s one of my great-grandmother’s old hooks.  She used to crochet lace.  It’s nice for them to be used again.  Ironically, I’m finding it easier to use this size than to use anything remotely normal.  Real size hooks, I can’t keep tension to save my life and my wrists threaten mutiny after about 20 stitches.  But this is nice.

I got a good 8 yards done on Thursday while supporting another teacher’s classes.  This kept me even more chilaxed than my knitting.  (I bring calming crafts when I support classes because my job is to work with the students who aren’t as quickly successful as their peers.  Needless to say, this doesn’t work out as well if they can tell I’m running out of nice.)

So, wait….  You hate embroidery, but you’re going to say that crocheting metallic thread is relaxing?  You’re gonna need to justify yourself, there, missa.

I can’t explain.

It’s more addictive than Bejeweled Blitz.

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