Ever Wondered How to Put Straight Trim on a Forepart?

Take a look at the seam  in this skirt from an Indian wedding that my boss turned up…

closeup of seam

The straight trim on the front of the skirt has been attached with a curved-seam-to-curved-edge plan…

The curved edge is important – if you put a curved inset onto a straight cut, you will get ruffles.  On a corresponding curved edge, everything lies beautifully.

Thank you, India, for the crazy-amazing-clue.  Awesome…. anyone know of any evidence of this from the 1500s?

2 thoughts on “Ever Wondered How to Put Straight Trim on a Forepart?

  1. jen thompson says:

    Ohh… that’s interesting! What about those weird tucks on the bottom of 16th c. spanish gowns? http://www.cgfaonlineartmuseum.com/c/p-folacoello1.htm

    5 years ago | Reply

    • missa says:

      Huh. Good catch. I’ve never liked the theory that those were a modesty element (to prevent the feet from being seen while the wearer was seated), because, like, major tripping hazard, but I think it’s different. That looks pretty straight, and it’s nearly a motif deep at the center, lessening to the sides. The piecing for the trim action adds fabric at the center front, essentially shaping the curve of the gore at the top of the piece.

      5 years ago | Reply

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