Educational Find in Costume Storage

I was busy being gainfully employed packing up costume storage at the college a few weeks ago, and I found a marvelous old pair of paned slops. They were old enough that the satin behind the panshatter well past thread-bare (more just threads), which was awesome because it let me see what was underneath. This isn’tnecessarily the period way to construct slops, but it’s a beautiful way. Here’s what I saw…

Paned slops

Amazing find in the back of the costume shop….We think they were donated by the Lyric forever ago.

All that trim is hand couched, and metallic enough to stay cold to the touch. Amazing….

Tacks in satin

There are periodic tacks holding the satin behind the panes to the interlining. This keeps the satin looking fluffy and lush, rather than all sagging to the bottom of the panes.

Closeup of center waistband

Close-up of the center waistband – these slops actually close up the back. I do not know what the thought process there was.


The closure is hidden under the center back pane. The center back/front panes do actually bifurcate at the crotch.


Detail inside leg cuff

Inside the bottom of the leg – you can see the satin layer is gathered. The satin and panes are sewn to a bias strip of linen, which is then turned up and used to seal the hem in towards the lining.


Interlinings behind satin

Where the satin is disintegrating, you can see that it was backed with a light, slightly stiffened open weave cottion for body.

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