Quickie Update on the Kohler Dress

I made some adjustments to the back of the chemise so that I could get Tyler into it. (Mostly, this involved lengthening the slit in the back.) I finally got it on her a little bit ago, and it looks about like I expected.

full front view of the Kohler chemise

The full-length front view. I still want to embroider the hem. I've taken the exaggerated length from Kohler's illustration.

closeup of arm area

Here's something I was expecting to see - this pattern puts a fair amount of bulk under the arm, and doesn't really fit closely to the shoulder. That's the effect of that straight sleeve head and armscye.

In spite of the fit problems, several of the shifts and shirts in Patterns of Fashion 4 do show the same straight sleeve-head and straight, slightly angled armscye.

I totally have the photography for drafting and sewing this little number done, and you’ll see them online soon!

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