How to Use All That Left-Over Wrapping Paper

I tend to theme my holiday wrapping paper/ribbon color scheme every year. I’m sure I’m not the only one. The problem is that every year, I end up with off bits of wrapping paper… The great thing is, wrapping paper makes dandy patterning paper!

pattern pieces cut from wrapping paper

Even at doll size, some pieces are just too big to fit onto an 8.5x11" sheet. Wrapping paper is much more spacious, and your pieces end up extra festive!

Wrapping paper gives you enough room to draft human-size bodices and skirts, too. Even if you don’t have leftover, there’s tons of holiday-themed paper on clearance this time of year. They’ll be cheaper than muslin or brown craft paper.

closeup showing grid

Often, the back side of the wrapping paper will have a 1" grid charted out for you.

A lot of modern papers are marked off on a 1″ grid on the back side. It’s nice as a quick way to check the size of a piece. I find it very helpful when I’m trying to sight-check the angles on seams that match up.

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