Beads Choices for the Eleventh Century Overdress

I went through my stash of glass beads, looking for some that will work with the sort of bog-scum-green color I picked for the Eleventh Century schmata. From what I understand, I should be using less shiny glass beads, coral beads, seed pearls, and little gold flatty-bits. I don’t have gold flatty-bits, so I’m using gold trim. Beadlandia, however, is just full of opportunities for me…

selection of beads

I kinda like all these, in terms of color, with the green.

two colors of dark brown bead

I probably only need one dark brown. I love the root-beer shade (top), but it tones down my red beads so I'm using the other one.

final bead selections

I finally narrowed it down to these guys. I really like the baby pearls, but they'd be better in a different era....

4 thoughts on “Beads Choices for the Eleventh Century Overdress

  1. missa says:

    Hi, Janell,
    It’s not so much that I’m choosing to avoid them – I just grabbed from my stash of beads, and those are the sizes I have. (I’m not a really great beader, and I’m not too comfortable with the tinier ones, so I don’t really buy them.)
    Le sigh. Now I have to rethink things again!

    7 years ago | Reply

  2. missa says:

    *laugh* It’s ok! Actually, I cleaned the garage (aka, sewing room) this afternoon and stumbled across some more beads – little green and lilac ones. So maybe my plans were destined to change. ;)

    7 years ago | Reply

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